In the beginning, there was a visit…

Big things begin with small gestures.
When Dudi Whiteman decided to visit his relative in the hospital five years ago,
he had no way of knowing that this single emotional visit will leadtoa vast chessedempire
that will bring light and joy to thousands of patients and their families.

Belev Echad

But life takes us to the most unexpected places, and this one visit led to many more. An emotional kumzitz at the bedside of a lonely patient. A joyful visit to the home of a suffering child. A Bar Mitzvah party for a sick boy. A fun day for families. One person brings his friend, one smile brings another. It all happens on the move, as reality creates actions.

And now, this is where we are.

With time, the blessed activities slowly solidified into a structured organization – “Belev Echad.”

Our lives are now surrounded with helping and strengthening the lives of the many pure souls lying ill in gloomy hospital rooms and special institutions all across the country. 

And we do it!

The organization’s annual activity statistics reveal thousands of joy-filled visits, dozens of events participated in by leading artists, bar mitzvah events for sick children, vacations for patients and their families, seminars and fun days – and counting. Our scope of activity is constantly growing, like a plant climbing and flourishing in every possible direction.

Want to be part of the activity?

Your donation will enable us to provide more people with joy and happiness.

Want to be part of the activity?

The Future is Still Ahead of Us

Belev Echad Organization is always working towards more opportunities to help the special needs and sick children and their families. Big preparations are underway for the establishment of a huge campus that will be entirely for the sake of the sick and special needs children. On campus, children and their families will be able to stay there before and after difficult and agonizing treatments in order to recover and to gather strength to continue their journey. Children and their families will be able to spend time during the year as well where they will receive the full hospitality of a five-star hotel. In addition, there will be many health activities and resources for those who need it.

הסכמות גדולי ישראל

ר' חיים קניבסקי

האדמו"ר מבאיאן

הר' יקותיאל אבוחצירא

הרה"ר דוד לאו

נתי פרץ
Mark Wiederman
Dee Jay Katz
NAUM KOEN - Founder
CEO - David Weitman

הנהלת הארגון

Mendy Gold
Moshe Rozner -
Director of Finances
Yisaschar Einhorn -
Family Representative
Ari Fried
אהרון פלישמן
אחראי מתנדבים
Yaakov ehrentreu -
Yisroel Berlin
Office Manager
לאה פולק - מנהלת פרויקטים לגיוס כספים בחו"ל

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