We bring joy to patients in the hospitals.

Every week, our 600 volunteers spread out to the various hospital wards around the country with musical instruments, gifts for the children, and most of all – lots of energy that instantly raises the moods around. The enthusiastic singing, dancing, and boundless warmth take the patient away, even if briefly, from his painful daily reality and offer him real hope for the future.

We come to patients' homes to make them happy.

Critically ill, housebound patients enjoy surprise visits from our volunteers, who come with full equipment and energy and conduct an exhilarating, moving kumzitz around the patient's bed.
In addition, we frequently visit old age homes and institutions for children with special needs and send volunteers to supervise patients in the hospitals at the families' request.

We arrange birthday parties for sick children.

A child's birthday is the most important event throughout his childhood experiences.
The undivided attention, the balloons, the gifts, the cake… all these fill his little heart with pure innocent joy for an entire year. A sick child also deserves this – and so much more, yet not always is there someone who can celebrate his special day inside the white walls of the hospital, far from his school and friends. This is where we enter the picture. Every month, our volunteers arrange birthday parties for dozens of sick children. We come to their homes with a cake and gifts and throw a huge party that helps them forget – even if only for a few hours – about the pain and suffering that is a daily part of their lives.

We produce special events for the children.

Belev Echad's famous events are the highlight of our activities.
Throughout the year, we arrange dozens of events to provide the children and their families with a pleasure-filled respite from the suffering and pain.
Fun days and attractions in prominent sites, musical events with famous performers, "simanim" before Rosh Hashana, Simchas Beis Hashoeva parties on Succos, an especially extravagant Purim party, and many other varied activities based on the time and need.

The ‘TABLEV’ Network, first of its kind in the world!

The ‘Tablev' Network is a unique system for borrowing tablets for hospitalized patients and those who are with them. The tablets serve as a tool for patients to study, learn with partners from afar, play games, and much more.
Belev Echad is already dealing with hundreds of requests to borrow tablets. The goal is to increase operations significantly so there will not be a hospital without Belev Echad tablets.

We organize respite Shabbasos for the children and their families.

Every few months, we take all the children of the organization along with their families to a respite Shabbos in magnificent hotels throughout the country, providing them with true respite for the body and soul.
The families enjoy lavish Shabbos meals, fun activities for the children and professional performers at an exciting and moving Melaveh Malka party on Motzai Shabbos.